A collaboration gateway provides content sharing from personal devices, enabling Bring Your Own Device – BYOD systems. Models with an integrated wireless access point – WAP can be used to create a stand-alone wireless collaboration and presentation system or to add wireless presentation capabilities to a wired design. Models without an integrated WAP use a facility’s existing wireless network. Designed for professional AV applications, these gateways include many integrator-friendly features such as moderator and collaboration modes, WebShare™ technology, Power over Ethernet – PoE, and front-panel mounted antennas. These capabilities ensure easy integration of BYOD within small collaborative spaces or as part of a larger installation.

Extron eLink 100

Professional Grade Wireless Extender for HDMI

Extron ShareLink 200 N

Collaboration Gateway – Network Version - no WAP

Extron ShareLink 250 Series

Wireless Collaboration Gateway

Extron ShareLink Pro 1000

Wireless and Wired Collaboration Gateway

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