Projector Lifts

The projector lifts designed and manufactured by VIZ-ART are dedicated to implementation in various interiors. The SLIM lift fits in a 5.5 cm space over the ceiling and is compliant with the EIB system, while the SPAV 60 lift is able to hold as much as 60 kg of projector weight.

Choose a projector lift model that will best match your expectations. All VIZ-ART automatics equipment combines the precision of operation with seamless design and comfortable use. Enjoy the comfortable projection in your cinema with no visible cables, connections, and AV equipment.


Lift for raising the projector for a presentation from the inside of a piece of furniture or a table

Viz-Art MAX-LIFT 130

Lift for commercial set-ups with professional projectors (weight up to 130kg)

Viz-Art SPAVMAX 60

Lifts designed and dedicated to large projectors in professional AV installations

Viz-Art SPAV PRO 30

A stable lift for apartments, halls, hotels and museums


Lift for large, professional projectors mounted above a ceiling


Ideal for use in the most elegant home theatre interiors

Viz-Art SLIM LIFT 12/1640; 10/3250

Easy for projector installation in a small space above the ceiling

Viz-Art SIMPLE Slim 15

For projectors with an exceptionally small height

Viz-Art Masked Prestige Lift 25

Dedicated to elegant banquet halls and ballrooms