CCTV System

OPS Technology carries a variety of CCTV system products by Axis, Sony, Panasonic, and Dahua, including security cameras (dome, bullet, PTZ, etc.), and network video records. Select and integrate the best equipment for your CCTV security system.

AXIS M31 Network Camera Series

Affordable flat-faced domes with IR

AXIS M50 PTZ Network Camera Series

Small cameras for the big picture

AXIS M5525-E PTZ Network Camera

Indoor and outdoor PTZ with 10x zoom in HDTV 1080p

AXIS P32 Network Camera Series

Streamlined varifocal domes

AXIS P3707-PE Network Camera

Flexible, 360° multisensor camera

AXIS P39 Network Camera Series

High-performance domes for onboard surveillance

AXIS P54 PTZ Network Camera Series

Cameras that blend into their environment

AXIS P56 PTZ Network Camera Series

Versatile, high-performance cameras

AXIS Q35 Network Camera Series

Advanced domes for solid performance

AXIS Q36 Network Camera Series

Advanced domes with remote adjustment

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