Digital Signage System

OPS Technology carries a selection of digital signage system products by Barco, BrightSign, Danacoid, LG, Samsung and Philips, including high-quality, professional-grade displays for videowalls and business signage. Digital signage solutions for business and commercial installations.

Barco Instant VideoWall

Complete video wall solution in one package

Barco OBLX-55

Free-standing structure for 55" LCD video wall displays in landscape mode

Barco OBLX-55 1×2 Extension Kit

Horizontal extension kit for OBLX-55 free-standing structure

Barco OBPX-55

Free-standing structure for 55" LCD video wall displays in portrait mode

Barco OBPX-55 2×1 Extension Kit

Horizontal extension kit for OBPX-55 free-standing structure

Barco OverView HVD5521

55" near-­seamless (1.8 mm bezel) LCD video wall for tiled video wall applications

Barco OverView KVD5521B

55" near-seamless LCD video wall for entry level and mid-end applications

Barco UniSee

55" bezel-less tiled LCD video wall platform

BrightSign HD1023

Expanded I/O Player

BrightSign HD223

Standard I/O Player

BrightSign LS423

Entry-level media player

BrightSign XD1033

Expanded I/O Player

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