Digital Signage System

OPS Technology carries a selection of digital signage system products by Barco, BrightSign, Danacoid, Samsung and Philips, including high-quality, professional-grade displays for videowalls and business signage. Digital signage solutions for business and commercial installations.

Samsung QPR-8K Series

QP82R-8K / QP98R-8K

Samsung QET Series

QE43T / QE50T / QE55T / QE65T / QE70T / QE75T / QE82T

Samsung QBR Series

QB13R / QB24R / QB43R / QB49R / QB50R / QB55R / QB65R / QB75R / QB85R / QB98R

Samsung QMR Series

QM32R / QM43R / QM49R / QM50R / QM55R / QM65R / QM75R / QM85R

Samsung Flip 2 (WM55R / WM65R)

Interactive digital flipchart (whiteboard) designed for creative thinking, collaboration and innovation

Samsung QB75N-W

Revitalize Productive Collaboration through Refined Interactive E-board Technology

BrightSign LS423

Entry-level media player

BrightSign HD1023

Expanded I/O Player

BrightSign HD223

Standard I/O Player

BrightSign XD1033

Expanded I/O Player