Furman offers power conditioners, sequencers and management systems for professional, high performance installations, which require professional, high performance power sequencing solutions.


10A Two Outlet Power Conditioner. Export

FURMAN Classic Series PL-8C E

10A Power Conditioner w/Lights, 230V

FURMAN Classic Series PL-PLUS C E

10A Power Conditioner w/Lights and Voltmeter, 230V

FURMAN Classic Series PL-PRO DM C E

16A Power Conditioner with Lights, Volt/Ammeter, Export

Furman CN-3600 SE

Intelligent Power Management Solutions For Professional Integrators


1500VA Rack Mount UPS; 230V-240V

FURMAN Merit Series M-10LX E

10A Standard Power Conditioner w/Lights, 230V

FURMAN Merit Series M-10X E

10A Standard Power Conditioner, 230V

FURMAN Prestige Series P-1400 AR E

6A Prestige Voltage Regulator, Export

FURMAN Prestige Series P-2300 IT E

10A Prestige Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioner, Export

FURMAN Prestige Series P-6900 AR E

30A Voltage Regulator / Power Conditioner

Furman PS-8RE III

10 Amp Power Conditioner and Sequencer