Furman offers power conditioners, sequencers and management systems for professional, high performance installations, which require professional, high performance power sequencing solutions.


1500VA Rack Mount UPS; 230V-240V


10A Two Outlet Power Conditioner. Export

FURMAN Prestige Series P-6900 AR E

30A Voltage Regulator / Power Conditioner

FURMAN Prestige Series P-1400 AR E

6A Prestige Voltage Regulator, Export

FURMAN Prestige Series P-2300 IT E

10A Prestige Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioner, Export

FURMAN Merit Series M-10X E

10A Standard Power Conditioner, 230V

FURMAN Merit Series M-10LX E

10A Standard Power Conditioner w/Lights, 230V

FURMAN Classic Series PL-PRO DM C E

16A Power Conditioner with Lights, Volt/Ammeter, Export

FURMAN Classic Series PL-PLUS C E

10A Power Conditioner w/Lights and Voltmeter, 230V

FURMAN Classic Series PL-8C E

10A Power Conditioner w/Lights, 230V

Furman CN-3600 SE

Intelligent Power Management Solutions For Professional Integrators

Furman PS-8RE III

10 Amp Power Conditioner and Sequencer