Audio/Video Conference

OPS Technology carries a variety of audio and video conferencing products by Avaya, Cisco, ClearOne, Extron, Huawei, Lifesize, Logitech, Polycom, and Revolabs, to help us design the optimal audio and visual systems for your conference rooms, meeting rooms, and collaborative workspaces. Integrate the individual pieces to create the best voice, video, and collaborative solutions for your needs.

Avaya Scopia Elite 6000 Series MCU

Connects many endpoints to a single videoconference.

Avaya Scopia XT5000 Room System

Provides exceptional video, audio, and data quality along with ease-of-use designed to make users successful

Avaya Scopia XT7100 Room System

Flagship offering in the Scopia XT series of video conferencing room systems

Cisco Meeting Server

Brings premises-based video, audio, and web communication together

Cisco TelePresence MX Series

Turn meeting rooms into collaboration hubs

Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS)

Advanced Video Applications, Session Control, and Firewall Traversal

ClearOne Media Collaboration COLLABORATE Pro Series

A series of low-cost room appliances, audio endpoints and PTZ cameras

Extron and Zoom

Delivering a Seamless Conferencing Experience

Huawei DP300 Desktop Presence

High-end, HD videoconferencing desktop endpoint

Huawei MAX PRESENCE Immersive Telepresence System

Bring lifelike video conferencing and surveillance applications to large conference rooms with Huawei’s cinematic-quality HD multimedia MAX PRESENCE system

Huawei RP Series Room Telepresence Systems

Turn a small- to medium-sized office or conference room into a video conferencing facility with 1 or 2 HD displays

Huawei TE Desktop/Mobile Videoconferencing Soft Client

Superior audiovisual and video conferencing experience using computers, mobile phones, and tablets

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