Recording and Streaming

OPS Technology carries a selection of recording and streaming products by Blackmagic, Danacoid, and Extron including recorders and web presenters to support high quality and smooth streaming. Select the best solutions for your needs.

Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder

Realtime encoding to H.264 from SDI and HDMI sources

Blackmagic Web Presenter

Make any professional SDI and HDMI video source appear as a 720p HD USB webcam for high quality streaming on the internet

Danacoid DE-6100HD

Full HD input interface

Danacoid DE-BNC8I

8 channel standard definition input interface

Danacoid DE-HD7000

Full HD input interface

Danacoid DE-SDI2I

Dual channel 3G-SDI input interface

Danacoid DY-300

Full HD interface with integrated input and output

Danacoid DY-500K

Full HD interface with integrated input and output

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