Extron manufactures computer-video interfaces, switchers, configurable control systems, distribution amplifiers, computer-video scan converters, scalers, signal processing equipment, and high resolution cables. These products are used to integrate computer, video, and audio into presentation displays for today’s boardrooms, presentation/training centers, university lecture halls, and other applications.

Extron CrossPoint Ultra 168

16x8 Ultra-Wideband Matrix Switchers for RGB Stereo Audio

Extron DMP 128

12x8 ProDSP Digital Matrix Processors

Extron DSC 301 HD

Three Input Compact HDCP-Compliant Video Scaler

Extron DTP CrossPoint 108 4K

10x8 Seamless 4K Scaling Presentation Matrix Switcher

Extron DTP DVI 230 D Rx

DVI Twisted Pair Extender - Decora Wallplate

Extron DTP DVI 230 Tx

DVI Twisted Pair Extender

Extron DTP HDMI 230 Tx

HDMI Twisted Pair Extender

Extron DTP R DP 4K 230

DisplayPort Twisted Pair Extender

Extron DVS 605

Five Input HDCP-Compliant Scaler with Seamless Switching

Extron EDID 101V

EDID Emulator with EDID MInder for VGA

Extron HAE 100 4k

HDMI Audio De-Embedder

Extron HDMI 101 Plus

HDMI Cable Equalizer

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