EIKI offers industry-leading projector ceiling mounts that minimize installation time, simplify maintenance and offer integrated security.

Eiki EIP-UHS100

EIP-UHS100 1-Chip DLP® Projector (no lens)

Eiki EIP-WX5000 / EIP-WX5000L

EIP-WX5000 HD Widescreen Projector / EIP-WX5000L HD Widescreen Projector (no lens)

Eiki EK-400XA

EK-400XA DLP® Projector

Eiki EK-401WA

EK-401WA WXGA DLP® Projector

Eiki EK-402UA

EK-402UA Widescreen DLP Projector

Eiki EK-600U

EK-600U Conference Projector

Eiki EK-610U

EK-610U (no lens)

Eiki EK-611W

EK-611W (no lens)

Eiki EK-612X

EK-612X (no lens)

Eiki EK-623U

EK-623U 1-Chip DLP Laser Projector (no lens)

Eiki EK-625U

EK-625U 1-Chip DLP Laser Projector (no lens)

Eiki EK-800U

EK-800U Widescreen Projector (no lens)

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