LG VM5C Series

General Details
  • Brightness : 500cd/m2
  • Bezel : 0.9mm (T/B/L/R even bezel)
  • Depth : 86.2 mm
  • Interface : HDMI, DVI, RGB, IR, Daisy-chain (DP, RS232C, RJ45)
  • A near borderless design of 0.9mm even panel bezel and the 1.8mm BtB (Bezel to Bezel) size enables immersive and near seamless viewing experiences on assembled video wall screens.
  • Built into this signage display is a Quad-Core processor. This is the engine behind the webOS display platform that allows fast loading of apps and menus, as well as multi-tasking between apps. This results in quick access to content and smooth playback.
  • The webOS 2.0 platform provides powerful and convenient tools to create, including app development materials.
  • The VM5C panels allow you to enjoy fantastic picture quality with less variation from wider viewing angles. Featuring consistent colour temperature and less change in contrast, LG IPS panels boast excellent image reproduction.
  • LG has improved backlight brightness uniformity by reducing the shadowing effect on the screen edge. This provides the new VM5C panels with greater visibility and consistent brightness across the screen.
  • The VM5C includes an image improvement algorithm that can adjust to objects located in the boundary of the bezel for a more seamless viewing experience.
  • LAN Daisy Chain Performance: A LAN daisy chain allows you to execute commands to control and monitor the screens and even update their firmware.
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