Barco OBPX-55

Free-standing structure for 55" LCD video wall displays in portrait mode

General Details

The OBPX-55 is an innovative LCD video wall structure, capable of holding 55″-panels in a 2×1 or 3×1 portrait mode setup. The separately available OBPX-55 extension kits allows you to add two additional LCD panels in portrait mode to the central OBPX-55 structure. This means you can achieve a 4×1, 6×1, 8×1, … setup. In theory, there are no limits to the horizontal extension.

A structure for any location
Being a free-standing structure, the OBPX-55 can be integrated at any location – not only if it is attached to the building. This further expands the applicability of video walls, allowing them to be placed e.g. in shop windows, at art exhibitions, and in temporary crisis coordination centers. The design trim protects the sensitive narrow-bezel LCD edges making the walls less vulnerable for contact.

Intelligence inside
The OBPX-55 has been designed to house equipment inside the iconic leg. As such, a 19″ rack-mountable controller, a ClickShare Base Unit, or a dzine DISplayer can be positioned within the structure. This locates the controlling equipment very close to the video wall, which is not only convenient, but also eliminates the need for a separate rack and limits the number of cables used. Furthermore, a LAN switch, a common on/off switch (controlling all the displays), and a multi-socket can all be positioned within the OBPX-55. For ease-of-use, these components are accessible from the front and the rear.

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