Maxim’s Group

Maxim’s Group is a leading Food & Beverage company comprising of Chinese, Asia, and European restaurants which founded in 1956. The group is also the licensee of renowned brands including Starbucks Coffee (Hong Kong , Macau & Vietnam), and Genki Sushi and Ippudo ramen (Hong Kong & China). Altogether the Group operates over 840 outlets in Hong Kong., China and Vietnam. It also established the first Sino-Foreign joint venture in China in 1980 and now delivers air catering services in 11 cities through joint ventures.

Location: JASMINE, Festival Walk

Project Details

JASMINE, Banquet Hall
Jade Garden
Maxim’s Palace
Maxim the Pond

(More than 20 branches under Maxim’s Group)

  • Projector System with motorized projector lift
  • Professional Sound System
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