City of Dreams Macau

Located in Cotai, the beating heart of Macau’s dynamic entertainment scene, City of Dreams offers thrills in style with an innovative collection of experiences – electrifying entertainment, Michelin-starred dining, designer shopping, internationally renowned art, iconic architecture, and a diverse array of exclusive accommodation – all created in collaboration with visionary talent such as legendary chef Alain Ducasse, the world’s greatest patissier Pierre Hermé and audacious show maker Franco Dragone, just to name a few.

Project Details

Ceiling Fixture
  • 1.15m x 4.03m Indoor LED Wall System x2
  • 1.28m x 2.56m Indoor LED Wall System x2
  • 2.88m x 1.15m Indoor LED Wall System x2
  • 1.54m x 9.60m Indoor LED Wall System x2
  • 1.60m x 9.60m Indoor LED Wall System x4
Digital Fixture
  • 9.60m x 5.60m Indoor LED Wall System x6
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