Macau University of Science and Technology

The Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T) founded in 2000. As the largest multi-disciplinary university in Macau. M.U.S.T. is ranked as the youngest among the Top 100 University in the cross-strait region. M.U.S.T. is situated on a land area of 210,000 square metres located in Taipa, Macau. At present, M.U.S.T. has established many types of cooperation partnerships with approximately one hundred institution in Europe, America and Australia, mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It is also member of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and the International Association of Universities (IAU).

Project Details

Theater Hall – Block D
  • Rear Projection System
  • Stage Lighting System
  • Professional AV Switching System
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