Civil Aviation Department

Civil Aviation Department (‘CAD’) is not only responsible for monitoring and controlling the aviation industry, but also acting as supplier of aviation and air traffic control services. CAD plays a vital role toward the operation of Hong Kong International Airport and also all flights crossing the boundary of Hong Kong.

Since Hong Kong is recognized as a leading center of international and regional aviation, CAD has to handle and investigate all accidental issues in a fair and impartial manner. Having a conscientious and careful work flow seems to be a must for the operation of CAD. To do so, the investigation department made use of 16 sets ‘46 inches Samsung LED screen’ to combine into a huge monitor. Together with other equipment, such a setting helps to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the team.

Location: Hong Kong International Airport

Project Details

Lower Block Entrance
  • 4×5 Barco LED Video Wall
AI Centre
  • 4×4 Samsung LED Video Wall
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