Bank Consortium Trust Company Limited

BCT Group comprises BCT Financial Limited and Bank Consortium Trust Company Limited, which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Bank Consortium Holding Limited. BCT is one of the top 5 MPF product providers* and one of the major trust companies in Hong Kong focusing on the provision of pension products and asset servicing for investment funds and pensions.Bank Consortium Holding Limited was founded in 1999 by a shareholder group comprising a consortium of renowned local banks in Hong Kong. The shareholder group currently comprises eight celebrated financial institutions, namely Asia Financial, Chong Hing Bank, Dah Sing Bank, Fubon Bank, ICBC (Asia), OCBC Wing Hang, Shanghai Commercial Bank and Wing Lung Bank. Now, BCT has more than 300 branches in Hong Kong.

Project Details

Meeting Room
  • Projection system with motorized projector lift
  • Digital signage system
  • Table top touch panel
  • Audio and Video system
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