Mixing Amplifiers

Apart Audio offers various kinds of audio mixing amplifiers which allow users to manage the audio from different sources and zones easily.

Apart Audio MA120

Professional mixing amplifier 120W

Apart Audio MA125

Professional public address mixing amplifier

Apart Audio MA240

Professional mixing amplifier 240W

Apart Audio MA247

5+1 zone mixing amplifier, 240W @ 100 volt

Apart Audio MA247MR

5+1 zone 100V mixing amplifier with Tuner/MP3/USB/SD, 240W

Apart Audio MA30

Half rack mixing amplifier, 30W @ 100 volt

Apart Audio MA35

Compact mixing amplifier, 35W @ 100 volt

Apart Audio MA60

Half rack mixing amplifier, 60W @ 100 volt

Apart Audio MA65

Compact mixing amplifier, 65W @ 100 volt