Projector Lifts

Display Devices offers a full line of quality motorized ceiling mounted lifts for projectors to fulfill your different requirements.

Display Devices DL3B DataLift Series Projector Lifts

Lowering distance of up to 14 feet and a weight capacity of up to 160 lbs

Display Devices DL3W DataWide Series Projector Lifts

Designed for large-venue projectors and flat screens that require long lowering distances

Display Devices EMRCM Projector Lift Rotator

Solution to architectural obstructions where the projector can be stored in the ceiling but not in the proper projection orientation

Display Devices IBL Series Projector Lifts

Ideal projector lift for the cost-conscious customer, or when ceiling space is limited

Display Devices LCD 100 Series Projector Lifts

Lowering distance of up to seven feet and a sturdy 75 lb. capacity

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