Extron eLink 100

Professional Grade Wireless Extender for HDMI

General Details
  • Reliable, professional-grade wireless extension of HDMI video and multi-channel audio signals up to 100 feet (30 meters)
  • Capable of transmitting through multiple walls and furniture
  • Supports computer video up to 1920×1080, including HDTV 1080p/60
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Ultra-low latency transmission of video and audio signals
  • Professional-grade technology enables simultaneous transmission from one transmitter to as many as four receivers
  • Actively monitors RF spectrum to select the ideal transmission channels — Provides Automatic Frequency Selection – AFS and Dynamic Frequency Selection – DFS, using the most appropriate frequencies to avoid interference from other devices operating in the same spectrum.
  • Supports multiple embedded audio formats — The eLink 100 is compatible with a broad range of multi-channel audio signals, providing reliable operation with HDMI devices and surround sound systems.
  • eLink™ wireless technologies allow as many as four transmitter and receiver sets to operate within the same space — Enables point-to-point signal extension between up to four eLink 100 transmitter and receiver pairs without risk of interference or signal loss.
  • Multi-input and multi-output, or MIMO, wireless technology provides robust connection — Ensures wireless connections are stable and function in environments with multipath signals.
  • Cost-effective alternative to cable installation — Reduces installation time and costs associated with signal extension by eliminating the need to install cables in challenging environments, such as within historic buildings, rooms with mobile lecterns, as well as rental and staging applications.
  • On-screen display — The eLink 100 features an on-screen display for simplified setup and configuration.
  • IR remote control — The included IR remote control provides easy control for configuration and setup.
  • IR output control port — The eLink 100 R receiver accepts IR signals from a remote control and sends the signal to the transmitter for control of source equipment, such as a Blu-ray Disc player.
  • Compact design for easy installation into small spaces or behind equipment
  • Energy-efficient, external universal power supply included — Provides worldwide power compatibility.
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