Danacoid DN-210TXC


General Details
  • Video: HDMI v2.0 and HDCP 2.0
  • Supported resolution: 4096 x 2160 /60p (4:4:4)
  • Supports transmission of embedded HBR audio formats: such as Dolby digital true HD and DTS-HD Master Audio.
  • IP network-based audio, supports transmission of network-based audio via switches; All Tx and Rx units via 10GbE Ethernet switches
  • 2 * USB ports, supports KVM function
  • IR Control: Supports bidirectional IR transmission
  • RS-232 Control: supports bidirectional RS-232 transmission, up to 115,200 baud
  • Maximum pixel clock frequency: supports pixel clock frequency up to 594MHz
    Switching Plane: independent switching planes supported I/O switch arrays of all connected videos, audios, RS-232 and IR signals; I/O arrays are only limited by the scale of 10GbE network switch (namely, the number of ports)
  • Matrix Switching Mode: Non-blocking intersection routing is possible for any size of I/O array——only restricted by the scale of 10GbE Switch

OPS is the sole distributor of Danacoid in Hong Kong and Macau.

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