Danacoid DE-HD7000

Full HD input interface

General Details
  • Full HD input interface; support VGA, DVI, HDMI and other signal input;
  • Support 1080P @ 60HZ high-definition input;
  • Resolution support 800×600 ~ 1920×1080, and customizable;
  • Support H.264 hardware real-time encoding;
  • Support audio and video synchronization acquisition to ensure simultaneous audio and video transmission;
  • Support dynamic subtitles function;
  • Support ultra high resolution pictures or video base map;
  • Integrated central control function, standard programmable serial peripheral interface;
  • Support video stream distribution;
  • Support real-time signal preview echo, what you see is what you get;
  • Support dual-network redundant hot backup;
  • Adopt embedded hardware; ensured the 7 * 24 hours stable operation.

Danacoid DyneCloud

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