Crestron CLXI-2DIM2

2 Channel Dimmer Module, 2 Feeds - International Version, 230V

General Details

As part of a complete Crestron lighting system, the CLXI-2DIM2 lighting control module provides 2 independent channels of dimming for 230V incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, and dimmable 2-wire fluorescent loads. Each channel is rated for 2300 Watts, with a total module rating of 4600 Watts when fed from two separate 16 Amp feeds. Air-gap relays are provided on each channel output to allow an individual circuit to be serviced without disabling the entire module.

CLXI-Series dimmers are rigorously built using 40 Amp triacs and oversized heat sinks for ultimate reliability. Split-bobbin transformers and ground-referenced electronics deliver superior performance. Lamp flicker is minimized through Crestron’s innovative zero-crossing detection technique, backed by proprietary firmware. Low-maintenance convection cooling assures quiet and trouble-free operation.

An override feature allows each channel to be adjusted to a preset state during setup. In the event that Cresnet® communications should be disrupted for any reason, a simple contact closure can be used to activate the override presets.

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