Commercial LED Display (Large Format Display/Digital Signage/Video Wall)

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CLD0.7 / CLD0.9 / CLD1.2 / CLD1.5 / CLD1.8 / CLD2.5 / CLD3.1 / CLD3.7

CLD which is short for Commercial LED Display. These products are now widely used in high-end retails, transportation applications (flight and rail transit), command centers, conference rooms, auto shows along with TV studios where the quality of the display is extremely important.

The patented CLD commercial display can be assembled along with any number of other similar display units to meet the requirements of almost any application. It is very easy to create huge seamless video walls with ultra HD resolution. Due to the unique engineering capabilities of AOTO Electronics, the CLD product line has all the features customers have come to depend on with AOTO like the capability of handling up to an 8K video display with just a single controller, HDR (High Dynamic color Range), 10 bit per color grey scale and 24 bit color processing depth.

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